Best Cut Roses

Brighten up your home with roses cut from your own garden. The roses listed below have been chosen for their superior longevity in vases, florist buds and long stems that bring color and fragrance for many days. 

All Dressed Up: With it's long lasting, fully double, and non-fading blossoms, this long stemmed rose with elevate your garden & bouquets. Medium pink with dark green leaves. 35-50 Petals. Light tea to fresh cut apple fragrance.Grandiflora.

Distant Drums: Striking color amongst the hardy roses released by the late great Dr. Griffith Buck. Pointed tan colored buds swirl open to reveal ruffles washed with orchid pink. 35-40 Petals. Moderate Myrhh fragrance. Floribunda.

Easy Spirit: Large, classy white flowers with a buttercream base. Highly tolerant of rust and powdery mildew. Will produce flowers up to five inches in diameter. 30-40 Petals. Floribunda.

Fun in the Sun: A true English-Style rose that will have clusters of 5-6 blooms per stem. This golden cup suffused with pink will surely bring joy to all garden visitors and polinators alike. 60-85 Petals. Strong fruity & spicy fragrance. Grandiflora. 

Koko Loko: Early to bloom, every lovely bud spirals open with impeccable show form. Long lasting flowers, either on the plant or in a vase. Warm weather brings out the lavender in this milky chocolate colored rose. 30-35 Petals. Moderate fragrance. Floribunda.

Painted Porcelain: Elegant, upright, moderately spreading rose. Butter yellow center out of a white base, with blushed pink edging, this rose will surely turn heads in the rose garden or your vase. 4 inch double blooms. 25-30 Petals. Mild fruity tea fragrance. Hybrid Tea.

Perfume Factory: Magenta plum fades to lavender pink as this large summertime bloomer puts on show. 4 inch blooms offer up one of the highest fragrance ratings. Highly resistant to rust & powdery mildew, you cannot go wrong with this delightful rose. 40-50 Petals. Strong spice & fruit fragrance. Hybrid Tea.

Pop Art: Pastel pink and deep yellow, this striped rose features one bud per stem. Strong resistance to powdery mildew and rust. Old fashioned double blossoms are large, reaching up to four and a half inches. 65-75 Petals. Strong fruity and citrus scent. Grandiflora.