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Summer is here...

and it's time to start watching your water usage.

It's no surprise here in California when you hear there is yet another drought spell among us. With responsible gardening practices, you can easily maintain a beautiful garden while saving water.

We have discounted one of our favorite products at the nursery to encourage you all to try it. Not only does this product enrich your soil, it also reduces water usage by at least 30% and restores microbial activity in your soil.

Stop by soon to learn more about what you can do to save water this summer!

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Plant Rentals

Do you have an upcoming Special Event that needs extra beauty and pizzazz? The vast majority of our plants can be rented for a modest fee. We'll even deliver, setup and pickup your plant rentals in order to make your Special Event as beautiful and easy as possible!


Landscaping Services

Contact Us

Problems with your garden or in need of landscaping advice?

Simply bring in detailed photos of the area you need help with. We are also happy to schedule a time to come by your house for on-site consultation. You can reach us at 831-624-3482 to get started or send us a brief message.


Valley Hills Nursery

7440 Carmel Valley Road


Mon - Sat 7:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm


Get directions

Do you need help with your landscape or garden? Ask one of our knowledgeable staff for help!

Valley Hills Nursery has been serving Monterey County for over 60 years. We strive for excellence in all of our products, landscape design, and installations. Together with you, we will develop a harmonious master plan for your garden or your grounds.

I am the kind of person who has 20 questions for everything; the staff is knowledgeable and patiently helped me.

Alicia from Seaside

Beautiful little spot, they have so many beautiful plants to choose from all look really happy and healthy!

Nancy from San Jose

5 stars for the ambiance at Valley Hills – peaceful and pleasant.

AK from Carmel Valley

Best selection in Carmel Valley and really nice sales staff on the grounds!

Emily from Los Gatos

Valley Hills Nursery is beautiful and has such an amazing selection of flowers!

Alicia from Seaside

Our Suppliers

We work with only the best in the industry.

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Rick Richardson: Owner