Fools Spring

Here we are, encroaching on the last days of February. Many of you are wondering, is it Spring? We just had record breaking high temperatures in the 90's last week, now we are down in the mid 20's... what is this... it is Fool's Spring. 

Along the peninsula, this is no uncommon factor. The temperature picks up for awhile, we begin to want to plant out our veggie gardens, we may even buy tomatoes and basil... and then... lady winter strikes again. It freezes, the tomatoes and basil melt away to the abyss of garden soil and you are shivering by the fire... and then we promise ourselves we won't do the same thing next year... but we do it any ways. At least I did this year, again, I could not resist the urge to plant a couple tomato and squash starts in the greenhouse, I mean its warm right?! Now, I have grow lights and a heater running in the greenhouse, trying to warm the soil bed up while my tomatoes sit and shiver. 

So what should we be planting right now you may ask, or at least all the garden obsessed weirdos like myself that can't keep their hands out of the soil, may be asking. Below we will go over several things you can do in the garden or greenhouse to keep you busy until Spring, and I'm talking the real Spring, finally comes. 

START SEEDS: Start the tomatoes, eggplant, peppers... wait awhile on the cucumber and squash as they are quick to germinate and fast to grow. 

PLANT COLD HARDY POLINATOR PLANTS: Did we here you say pollinators?! Lavender, rosemary, poppies, sweet peas, salvias... there are SO many pollinator possibilities. 

PLANT COOL WEATHER CROPS: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Collards, Mustard Greens, Bok Choy, Lettuce, Arugula... Snap Peas... Strawberries!? There is more that works this time of year than you think! 

PRUNE YOUR ROSES: If you have not done it already, prune those babies back! Don't be shy. Roses always benefit from a substantial winter pruning. It resets the plant to shoot out tons of new growth, and lots of buds. Also, if you have not already, start feeding them! We have a great selection of Rose fertilizers here at the nursery.

PLANT SUMMER//FALL BULBS: Dahlias and Gladiolus, need we say more. These show stopper plants benefit from being planted now, so they work up the energy to shoot up with beautiful blossoms just as summer starts to show. Fun fact: Did you know both Dahlias and Gladiolus are edible flowers? They are the most beautiful enhancement to a home grown salad, sure to impress both your eyes and taste buds. 

PLAN OUT YOUR SUMMER GARDEN: Grab a journal and plan out your dream garden. It can get overwhelming trying to figure out where to plant all your crops, but if you begin with a journal, figuring out your companion planting and crop rotations will be much easier. Remember, zucchinis may love corn but they hate pumpkins! 

BUILD RAISED BEDS: If you have been pondering the idea of a raised bed, just do it already! There are so many options, from redwood to corrugated metal, the possibilities are limitless. Once the beds are made, be sure to fill with good quality organic compost and soil, plus some beneficial microbes so your soil can do more of the work for you. 

I hope this helps some of you,, and gave others a giggle. Spring will in fact be here before we know it, we just have to be patient. Happy planting! XO Carly